Library Services for Online Education

Loans of Library Material
The library will loan up to 15 items at one time from the regularly circulating collection to off-campus students for a period of three weeks. Requests need to be in writing and may be submitted by online Web form, email, fax, or mail. Requests should include complete citation information and the source of the citation.

The initial loan period for students living outside Knox County, TN and its adjoining counties is five weeks. This allows a week for the item to arrive in the mail and a week for it to be returned. The loan period for local students is three weeks.

The items can be renewed for an additional three weeks by phone, email, or through the Patron Review feature through the online catalog, if no holds have been placed on them.

Items can only be mailed to students living outside Knox County, TN and its adjoining counties and the metro Orlando, FL areas. The student is responsible for return shipment. We prefer that returns be shipped via UPS, but other carriers are acceptable as long as the package is insured and tracked.

Online students residing in the metro Orlando, FL area should use the Johnson University Florida library.

Access Glass Memorial Library Catalog
Request an item from Glass Memorial Library
E-Books from Glass Memorial Library

Journals and Databases

  • Online students must use their Johnson University user name and password to access these resources.
  • Articles Through Our Databases
  • Publication Finder will allow you to find out if specific journals and magazines are available through Glass Memorial Library and in what format (electronic full text, print, or microform)

Photocopy Service
The library will provide photocopies of articles and/or selections from non-circulating material for independent research purposes, subject to the provisions and restrictions of United States copyright law. The library cannot provide photocopies of required reading assignments; this practice could be construed as “the related or concerted reproduction… of the same material,” which is not covered by Section 108(g) of the Copyright Act of 1976.

Borrowing Privileges at Other Libraries
Upon acceptance to Johnson University, online and distance learning students are required to complete a library registration form. On this form, students will identify an appropriate local library where they have secured borrowing privileges. A copy of the borrower’s card should be submitted with the form, as well as documentation of fees to be reimbursed to the student. Students who are unable to secure borrowing privileges at a local library should indicate this on the form and provide the additional requested information to assist the Glass Memorial Library and departmental staff in identifying an appropriate library collection and in making arrangements with that library for the student to use the library’s collection and services.

Most academic libraries will not provide interlibrary loan services for students enrolled at other institutions. Students should indicate on the library registration form whether or not they have access to interlibrary loan services for physical materials. (Glass Memorial Library will provide non-returnable interlibrary loans to online students.) Students will also be asked to identify their local public library. If a local academic library is unwilling to provide interlibrary loan services to students enrolled at other institutions, Glass Memorial Library will contact a student’s local public library to negotiate interlibrary loan services and will pay any associated fees for this service.

If a student moves while enrolled in a distance learning program at Johnson University and the local library the student has been using is no longer within a reasonable distance from the student’s new location, the student must submit a new library registration form.

Interlibrary Loans
The library will accept interlibrary loan requests from off-campus students engaged in course-related research. Interlibrary loans often involve a considerable length of waiting time. The Glass Memorial Library staff will attempt to negotiate a reasonable cooperative agreement with other libraries to extend such services to Johnson University students. Unless restricted by the lending library, the Glass Memorial Library will ship returnable Interlibrary Loans to online students with a United States address. However, this process can take considerable time and it may be wiser to consider requesting interlibrary loans through your local public library.

Each currently enrolled graduate student may receive up to $20 worth of interlibrary loans per semester. (Off-campus graduate students may substitute the cost of mailing photocopies of articles from Glass Memorial Library collection.) The student is responsible for any costs exceeding $20. All students are responsible for making and paying for their own photocopies when present on the Johnson campus.

Interlibrary loan form

Reference Assistance
Contact a Librarian for Reference Assistance

The library staff will provide reference service 8 a.m. – 4:30 p.m. EST, Monday – Friday. Graduate Distance Learning students should call the Distance Learning toll-free number (800-669-7889) and ask to be transferred to the library. You can call the library directly at 865-251-2277.

Students can also chat online with a Johnson University librarian using Skype, the free Internet calling service.

  • Skype is an online communication tool that will allow for messaging, voice and video chat. For voice and video service you will need a microphone and a webcam. To access the free software and create an account you will need to access the Skype web page.
  • The library's contact to name is "Johnson University Library." To establish contact with the library you will need to make a "Contact Request" through Skype. We also ask that you email the with your Skype contact name so we can identify you as a student.
  • This service is available when a librarian is indicated to be online on Skype. However, it is recommended that you request to schedule an appointment with a librarian through Skype by emailing the .