General Overview of Workshops - Subject to Change

You will be able to choose 2 workshops each morning, although a few workshops extend over both time slots. Workshop #1 is 10:00-10:50 a.m. and Workshop #2 is 11:10-12:00 noon. 

Leader Title Wk 1 Wk 2 Wk 3
Brent Brewer The Rise of Radical Islam & Islamophobia x x x
Carl Bridges The Beatitudes: Turning Things Right Side Up x x x
Tyson Chastain I Love to Tell the Story x x x
Steve Cook Should We "Fear" God? x x x
Karen Eastep Craft: Making a Psalm 23 Bracelet x x x
Joy Gaertner Make Peace with your Past Using The Grief Recovery Method x x x
Betty Gray We Have This Moment--A Gift x x x
Dick Hess Estate Planning and How's My Retirement x    
Aaron Jerviss The Civil War and American Christianity   x  
Gary Johnson Healthy Elders x x x
Greg Linton Near-Death Experiences: Evidence for the Afterlife?   x x
Jessica Moe Long-term Care and Estate Planning x x x
Rick Oatess Government (Ruling Authorities) During the Time of Jesus and the Early Church     x
Daniel Overdorf Transformers: Sin, Spirituality, and How God Helps us Grow x x x
Jody Owens Practice Makes Perfect--Sort of; Listening to God; Confession and Healing x x x
Mark Pierce Keeping Your Memory Health x x  
Wilber Reid III Leading in Turbulent Times x   x
Ruth Reyes A Lesson from SCRABBLE x x  
Nicole Saylor Grandparents and Adopted Children x x  
Gary Stratton Story Wars: Why Your Grandkids are so Crazy About Movies   x x
Charlie Webster Alternatives and Necessities for Church Growth x x x
Mark Weedman Book of Acts x x  
David Wheeler Aloha-ha-ha! x x x
Cheryl Weissmann Bible Study Ideas on your Tablet or Phone x x x
Mark Young Most Successful Movies of all Time and Why We Love Them x   x
Walt Zorn A New Look at an Old Psalm; An Old View of a New Text x x x