Dr. Duan Hua publishes landmark study

Dr. Duan HuaDr. Duan Hua, Assistant Professor of Education and Chinese History and Culture and Director of International Relations, just published her landmark study "Double-Burdened Mothers: A Narrative Inquiry Concerning Women Pastors in Contemporary Protestant Churches in Mainland China."

The article, which was published by the Review of Religion & Chinese Society, explores the experience of eight women pastors in Protestant churches in W Province of mainland China. Dr. Hua writes, "This study found that the majority of the participating women pastors stated that they entered Christian ministry because of their mothers’ influence and prompting. On a deeper level, however, their decision can be attributed to the special political, economic, and social circumstances in mainland China during the 1950s–1970s. These women pastors see themselves as 'doubleburdened mothers' with respect to their families and the congregations. They face the challenges of dealing with complicated interpersonal relationships, a lack of male leaders and workers, and weak faith within their congregations."

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Posted: 6/13/2018 2:23:57 PM


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