Faculty Activities in June 2014

Faculty members of Johnson University participate in many activities beyond their normal teaching responsibilities, including writing, speaking, presenting at academic meetings, mission trips, and community involvement. Occasionally, we will publish updates on these activities. The list below describes some faculty activities in June 2014.

During the first half of June, three professors participated in the last season of Karak Resources Project in central Jordan: Dr. Gregory Linton (Professor of New Testament, TN), Dr. Gerald Mattingly (Professor of Intercultural Studies, TN), and Dr. Jerome Prinston (Associate Professor of Teacher Education and Bible, TN). Dr. Mattingly is the director of the project. Dr. Linton conducted a regional survey during which 27 previously unidentified sites were discovered. Dr. Prinston worked at the excavation site sifting the excavation materials and extracting artifacts. Future issues of the Johnson Magazine will provide more details about the work of the project.

From June 3 to 5, Dr. Heather Gorman (Assistant Professor of New Testament, TN) attended the Christian Scholars’ Conference at Lipscomb University in Nashville, Tennessee.

On June 26, Mr. James Gorman (Lecturer in History, TN) presented some of his dissertation research at the Ulster-American Heritage Symposium held at the University of Georgia in Athens, Georgia. The title of his paper was “Transatlantic Evangelical Missions Culture and the Campbell Movement: How Scots-Irish Migration Contributed to the American Religious Landscape.”

Mr. Wilbur A. Reid III (Affiliate Faculty in Organizational Leadership, TN) co-authored an article published in volume 8 of the Journal of Leadership Studies. The title of the article was “An Instrument to Measure Level 5 Leadership.” “Level 5 leadership” is a term that Jim Collins made popular in his book Good to Great. Level 5 leadership is the paradoxical blend of personal humility and professional will in a leader.

From April through June, Dr. Jon Weatherly (Professor of New Testament & Dean of the School of Bible and Theology, TN) led a class at Tabernacle Baptist Church in Knoxville on the Life of Christ.

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