June 2013 Posts

Johnson University hosts press conference to unveil significant and historic changes to the future of Johnson University and its leadership role in Christian higher education.

Johnson University has entered a partnership with Christ’s Church of the Valley in Peoria, Arizona. This partnership offers Johnson students the opportunity to participate in an undergraduate residency or graduate apprenticeship for nine months at Christ’s Church of the Valley. The new Strategic Ministry offerings include an undergraduate major and a master’s degree. 

Two wonderful ladies blessed Johnson University to the best of their ability and more than anyone at Johnson would have imagined. Marie Garrett wrote an article about them.

Johnson University alumni, Daniel Overdorf and Rachel Oblon, were selected for Christian Standard's "40 under 40." 

How have Johnson University and Florida Christian College come together at the organizational level? A wise man once said, “It’s best not to see how sausages are made.” However, if you’re a policy wonk who delights in such matters, grab a cup of coffee and read on! Dr. Chris Davis (Vice President of Academics, Provost, Johnson University) shares information on the organization of Johnson University.