December 2012 Posts

Melissa, a woman who has devoted her life to working with Muslim women, shares a little about her ministry and the way that Jesus loves these Muslim women much more than she does.

“God is doing something big” is a phrase I have heard many times over the last few months at Johnson University. As I walk around campus and talk to students and faculty, there is a sense of expectation and urgency—a sense of doors being flung open to share the Gospel message around the world. Linda Whitmer describes the way she sees God working among college students.

The School of Education was renamed in honor of Dr. Chris Templar.

Dr. Dennis Helsabeck Sr., a 1934 graduate of Johnson, celebrated his 100th birthday on December 17 of this year. On Sunday, December 16, Grandview Christian Church, Johnson City, Tennessee, held a party in his honor.

Every believer is faced with the question: “How does a person become a character in the story of the redeemed?” Don Crane explores the answer to this question by telling his own story. Listen to his chapel sermon!