A Little More Climbing

HikingHave you ever hiked up a tall mountain? At the beginning, you don’t think much about the top because you know it is a long way off. However, when you’ve hiked several hours and your legs begin to ache, you begin to long for the summit.

You look at the trail up ahead and wonder, “When I turn that curve, maybe I will see the top.” But if your experience has been like mine, when you round the curve, you often find you have—a little more climbing to do.

These past four years we have been climbing the mountain of the Prepare the Way campaign. Last year we easily reached the high base-camp at $7.5 million and set our sights on the $9.5 million peak.

In February we turned the curve in the trail at Homecoming. We had hoped to be at the top but found we still have—a little more climbing to do. So far, we have received gifts of $9.2 million and are extending the campaign a few months to bring it to successful completion.

I have to confess—I'm a little tired; we've been on the trail 4 years; I'm ready for the top; but I'm not discouraged. How could we be discouraged when we look at all the Lord is doing at Johnson?

The merger with the Florida campus is complete, and we couldn’t hope for a better spirit of unity and camaraderie. Enrollment this year zoomed past 1,000 with a little over 1,300 students on both campuses.

In addition to all our alumni serving in the United States, Johnson currently has alumni serving in (or students from) 48 different countries around the globe. We truly are committed to “extending the kingdom of God among all nations.”

So, I’m not discouraged, but we do have—a little more climbing to do.

One of the things that encourages me to press on and finish a hike is the companionship of others on the trail with me.

If you have been steadily climbing with us throughout the Prepare the Way campaign, I want to thank you for joining us on this journey. We couldn’t have gotten this far without you. Will you hang in there and continue the last stretch of trail with us? A gift of any size as the Lord leads will be a great help and encouragement.

Of course, we began this campaign in 2010 in the wake of a significant recession. At that time, you may have been unable to participate. If this was your situation, hopefully things have eased up for you, and maybe now you can make a gift that will give the boost we need to reach the goal.

Join us as we press on to the top. You can be there with us when we turn the final curve in the trail and celebrate reaching the summit—giving glory to God from whom all blessings flow.

--Philip Eubanks
Vice President for Advancement

P.S. Remember, we are pressing on to finish this campaign to help provide more financial assistance to students committed to extending God’s kingdom.

Posted: 4/10/2014 2:40:44 PM


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