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A prayer for our new students

by Lisa Tarwater, Chief Admissions Officer

Dear Heavenly Father, 
We come to you this morning with full hearts. We are grateful for the many new students across Johnson University campuses, not only in Tennessee, but also in Florida, online, at our ExtendEd sites and in our graduate programs.

Throughout this year, we have prayed you would bring students with a desire to deepen their faith and pursue their academic studies to Johnson University and we are so thankful for each one. God, we know you have been preparing each student for this day.

We pray they will each find their way in Johnson’s Uncommon Community that we know and love. We pray today that our new students will find a community and place in Johnson University.

We pray you will provide the resources through encouraging friends, faculty, staff, coaches, and wise mentors, allowing them to grow and flourish in their faith.

We pray for those who may be away from home for the first time. We pray anxieties will be lifted and you will give them peace. We pray you will provide the people in their lives to ease the transition.

We pray for wisdom and guidance as our new students learn how to balance classes with work, study time, sports, outside activities, friends, and the new freedom that is given.

We pray that, should they become overwhelmed by the new beginnings, they will find the safety and security of our campus as an opportunity to quiet their thoughts and find you, God, at the center.

We pray for them to provide new voices, opinions, leadership and opportunities to our campus and classrooms. We are grateful for their new energy and excitement as new students.

We pray they will find a place of service at Johnson University and throughout our community that they may have an impact on not only on our campus but also our world.

We pray their enthusiasm will not diminish and our new students will continue to be inspired throughout the year as they grow personally, emotionally, and spiritually.

Dear Lord, we pray our new students will find their place at Johnson University and in service to you. In all these things, we ask in your Holy and precious name. Amen.