Course Descriptions

The following courses are all eight-week online courses:

CPED 6103 Biblical Principles of Leadership (3 credit hours)

  • Introduction of leadership principles through a historic Biblical perspective.

CPED 6203 Educational Technology Leadership (3 credit hours)

  • Examination of the various roles performed by an educational technology coach and coordinator as the technology leader in a school or district.

CPED 6303 Instructional Design and Learning Environments (3 credit hours)

  • Explores the different principles of instructional design together with an examination of various types of technology learning environments.

CPED 6403 Technology in Integrated Learning Environments (3 credit hours)

  • Enables students to lead a school or district that has adopted the Google platform and cover the materials needed for a Google certification.

CPED 6503 Coding for Elementary and Secondary Students (3 credit hours)

  • Explores coding in Java script, Blocky, Python, Scratch, and Alice and a variety of languages suitable for elementary and secondary students.

The following courses are taught during the final summer on-campus:

CPED 7103 Special Issues I: Metacognition, Critical Thinking and the Makerspace (3 credit hours)

  • Examines the educational theories behind the makerspace movement and discusses ways to establish a makerspace in the classroom, library, or STEAM environment.

CPED 7203 Special Issues II: Robotics (3 credit hours)

  • Coverage of elementary, middle, and secondary school robotics, including coding the robot in various ways and the use of the robot for teaching skills in the classroom.

CPED 7303 Special Issues III: Unmanned Aerial Systems (3 credit hours)

  • Educate leaders on the use of flying objects such as drones and rockets in the classroom. Training on the rules, regulations, and certifications required.

CPED 7403 Emerging Technologies (3 credit hours)

Other Online Classes

BIBL 6403 Technological Tools for Bible Study

BIBL 6413 Hermeneutics using Technology

CPED 7402 Capstone Project I

CPED 7412 Capstone Project II

CPED 7422 Capstone Project III