Ph.D. Leadership Studies

The Ph.D. in Leadership Studies follows an interdisciplinary design with a focus on four dimensions of leadership studies—individual and personal systems, organizational systems, global systems, and research. The Conceptual Framework of the Ph.D. program is rooted in a commitment to educating whole persons. The interdisciplinary curriculum is designed to develop scholarship and professional competencies while encouraging self-reflection and strengthening a commitment of service to others.

This program is flexibly designed for working adults who:

  • Have the intellectual capacity for advanced study, writing, and research
  • Desire to learn more about and critically reflect upon leadership, organizations, and society
  • Are committed to the Center for Global Studies and Johnson’s mission of communicating throughout the world the message of peace and wholeness as described in the Christian Scriptures

Concentration Options

Doctoral students focus their studies by selecting one of four concentrations:

Educational Leadership
The Educational Leadership Concentration focuses on issues, policy, and practices unique to educational settings.

Organizational Leadership
The Organizational Leadership Concentration focuses on both for-profit and non-profit organization (non-educational) contexts.

Philosophy and Theology of Leadership
The Philosophy and Theology of Leadership Concentration focuses on theoretical implications for leadership in its various forms.

Missional Leadership
The Missional Leadership Concentration is completed in partnership with Forge America.

Conducted completely online, the Ph.D. in Leadership Studies uses asynchronous learning methods that require students to learn independently but not alone. Additionally, our values-oriented educational perspective is based on a biblical foundation and Christian worldview, providing a substantive differentiator for the program. View the recommended Ph.D. course schedule.

This online Ph.D. is flexibly designed for each student so their experience is applicable and relevant to all aspects of life. to begin your Ph.D. student journey.

When students complete this program, they will be able to do the following:

  • Articulate biblical, theological, philosophical, and ethical foundations for leadership.
  • Exercise effective leadership in higher education and other organizations within their cultural studies.
  • Demonstrate Christian character in exercising leadership.
  • Conduct high quality research and make original contributions to their field.  

For a comprehensive list regarding program goals and objectives, see the catalog.

History of Ph.D. Leadership Studies: The Center for Global Studies
In meetings held in 2008, the presidents of Restoration Movement schools across the nation discussed the need for doctoral level education for leaders serving around the world. As an outcome of these meetings, conversations, and prayer, the idea for the Center for Global Studies and the Ph.D. concept were born. The CGS Advisory Board consists of representatives from each affiliate school including: Cincinnati Christian University, Emmanuel Christian Seminary, Hope International University, Johnson University, Kentucky Christian University, Lincoln Christian University, Milligan College, and TCM International. Each participating university agreed to share resources where appropriate and support the efforts of the CGS and proposed Ph.D. program. Johnson was chartered to develop an online Ph.D. program in Leadership Studies that represented the mission and intent of the CGS. The Ph.D. program, while advised by the CGS Board, is governed by Johnson University. View the Center for Global Studies brochure.