Periodical Titles in the Johnson University Florida Library

Listed titles are available in print in the library.

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Act 3 Review
Acts & Facts (Inst. Creation Research)
AD 2025 Global Monitor
Affirmation & Critique
American Heritage
American Jewish Archives
American Journal of Archaeology
American Music Teacher
American Scholar
Andrews University Seminary Studies
Ang Sulo ng Kristiano
Answers in Genesis (Florence, Ky.)
Anthropological Quarterly
Aramco World Magazine
Archaeology & Biblical Research {Bible and Spade}
Archaeology in the Biblical World
Archaeology Odyssey
Areopagus Journal
Art Education
Asbury Theological Journal (English and Spanish)
Ashland Theological Journal
Associates for Biblical Research Newsletter
Atlantic Monthly
Back To Genesis
Banner of Truth (Crown Point, Ind.)
Bible and Spade. (First series)
Bible and Spade. (New Series)
Bible Translator: Practical Papers, Technical Papers.
Biblical Archaeologist
  became Near Eastern Archaeology
Biblical Archaeology Review
Biblical Higher Education Journal
Biblical Insights
Biblical Viewpoint
Bibliotheca Sacra
Book List of the Society for Old Testament Study
Books & Culture
Boston Church of Christ Newsletter
BR: Bible Review
Bulletin, American Schools of Oriental Research
Bulletin, John Rylands University Library of Manchester
Buried History
Calvin Theological Journal
Canadian Christian Harbinger
Catholic Biblical Quarterly
Chalcedon Report
Chongshin Theological Journal
Choral Journal
Chorister: Resources for Music Ministry
Chosen People
Christian : a liberal journal of religion
Christian : weekly magazine of the Christian Church
Christian Arena
Christian Century
Christian Chronicle
Christian Computing Magazine
Christian Counseling Today
Christian Education Journal (New Series, & Ser.3)
Christian Education Journal (was J. of Christian Ed.)
Christian Educators Journal
Christian Herald
Christian History [& Biography]
Christian Leadership Letter
Christian Librarian
Christian Messenger
Christian Ministry
Christian News From Israel
Christian Progress [ceased 1997]
Christian Quarterly
Christian Quarterly: a review
Christian Research Journal
Christian Scholar's Review
Christian School Education (ACSI)
Christian Standard
Christian Studies
    (Faculty Bulletin of the Institute for Christian Studies)
Christianity & Literature: an Interdisciplinary Journal
Christianity Today
Chronicle of Higher Education
Church History
Church Law & Tax Report
Church Musician Today
Clergy Journal
College of the Bible Quarterly
College Teaching
Communication Monographs
Computers in Libraries
Concordia Theological Quarterly
Connections (Reasons to Believe. Hugh Ross)
Consumer Reports
Creation (continues Creation ex nihilo)
Creation ex nihilo technical journal (TJ;
now Journal of Creation)
Creation Matters
Creation Research Society Quarterly
Creator, ... music ministries
Cross Currents
CSL: Bulletin of the NY C.S. Lewis Society
Current History
Current Thoughts & Trends
Dharma Deepika
Disciple Heritage Update / Journal
Disciple Renewal
Disciples Theological Digest
Discipleship Journal
Discovery: Scripture & Science for Kids
Does God Exist?
Dor le dor: the Jewish Bible quarterly
Eastern Journal of Practical Theology
East-West Church & Ministry Report
Education Digest
Evangelical Missions Quarterly
Evangelical Quarterly
Evangelical Review of Theology
Exposing Satan's Power [ESP on YouTube]
Expository Times
Faculty Dialogue
Faith and Philosophy
Faith and Reason
Family Ministry
Family Relations
Fides et Historia
Firm Foundation
First Things
Florida Christian
Florida Christian Church Horizon
Florida Christian News
Florida Christian Times
Focus on the Family
Focus on the Family Citizen
Freeman: Ideas on Liberty
Fundamentalist Journal
Gallup Poll Tuesday Briefing
Genesis. (Precursor to Mars Hill Tapes)
Global Church Growth
Gospel Advocate
Gospel Defender Journal
Gospel Unashamed
Grace in Focus
Grace Theological Journal
Group: the youth ministry magazine
Guardian of Truth (became: Truth Magazine)
Harvard Theological Review
Hastings Center Report
Hebrew Studies
Homeschooling Today
Horizons (Mission Services Assoc.)
Horn Book
Human Life Review
Impact (Disciples Seminary Foundation)
Impact: Christian Missionary Fellowship Internatl.
Imprimis (Hillsdale College, Mich.)
Intercollegiate Review
International Bulletin of Missionary Research
International Council on Biblical Inerrancy Update
International Review of Mission
Israel Exploration Journal
Jewish Bible Quarterly (was Dor le Dor)
Jewish Quarterly Review
Journal for Biblical Manhood & Womanhood
Journal for Christian Studies
Journal for the Study of Judaism in the Persian Hellenistic & Roman Periods
Journal for the Study of the New Testament
Journal for the Study of the Old Testament
Journal from the Radical Reformation
Journal of Adolescent and Adult Literacy
Journal of Biblical Counseling
Journal of Biblical Ethics in Medicine
Journal of Biblical Literature
Journal of Christian Education: Papers (Australia)
Journal of Church and State
Journal of Church Music
Journal of Creation (was TJ)
Journal of Early Christian Studies

Journal of Evangelism and Missions
Journal of Family Ministry
Journal of Interdisciplinary Studies
Journal of Jewish Studies
Journal of Marriage and [the] Family Journal of Musicology
Journal of Near Eastern Studies
Journal of Pastoral Care
Journal of Pastoral Counseling
Journal of Psychology, interdisciplinary & applied
Journal of Psychology and Christianity
Journal of Psychology and Theology
Journal of Religion
Journal of Research on Christian Education
Journal of Speculative Philosophy
J of the Academy for Evangelism in Theological
Journal of the Adventist Theological Society
Journal of the American Academy of Religion
Journal of the American Scientific Affiliation
Journal of the Evangelical Theological Society
Journal of the Grace Evangelical Society
Journal of the History of Ideas
Journal of Youth Ministry
Just Between Us
Key to Christian Education
Kiplingers Personal Finance
Lamp (Devotional)
Lamp Missionary Magazine (Bill Loft)
LATM World News
Lausanne Occasional Papers
Leader to Leader
Leadership Journal
Lexington Theological Quarterly
Living Pulpit
MARC Newsletter (missions)
Marriage & Family : a Christian journal (AACC)
Marriage Partnership
Mars Hill Review
Master's Seminary Journal
Mathematics Teacher (NCTM)
Metamorphosis : Transformations
Middle East Journal
Millennial Post
Millennial Harbinger
Ministry Today
Mission Frontiers
Mission Journal (Austin, Tex.)
Mission Messenger
Modern Reformation
Moody (Moody Monthly)
Music & Letters
Music Educators Journal
NAE Washington Insight
National Forum (now Phi Kappa Phi Forum)
National Geographic
National Journal
National Review
Natural History
Near East Archaeological Society Bulletin
Near Eastern Archaeology
New Atlantis
New Testament Abstracts
New Testament Studies
New Wineskins (Nashville, TN; was Wineskins)
New York Times (microfilm)
Novum Testamentum
Old Testament Abstracts
One Body
One Hope
Origins and Design
Origins Research
Other Side
Palestine Exploration Quarterly
Pastoral Psychology
Perspectives on Science and Christian Faith
Phi Kappa Phi Forum
Plain Truth
Plea (Fred W. Smith, Sr.)
Practical anthropology
Prairie Overcomer
Priscilla Papers
Psychology for Living
Psychology Today
Public Interest
Pulpit Digest
Pulpit Helps
Quest (succeeds : Verdict)
Reader's Digest
Reading Teacher
Reading Today
Reason & Revelation
Reformation & Revival
Reformation Witness
Reformed Journal
Religion in America Report: Gallup Report
Religion Teacher's Journal
Religion Watch
Restoration Herald
Restoration Proclamation
Restoration Quarterly
Restoration Reporter
Restoration Review
Restoration Revival
Restoration Serials Index
Review and Expositor
Review of Faith and International Affairs
Saudi Aramco World
Science & Children
Science and Christian Belief
Science Digest (microfilm)
Science Education (microfilm)
Science News
Science Scope
Science Teacher
Scientific American
Scottish Journal of Theology
SCP Journal
SCP Newsletter
Second Century (now J. Early Christian Studies)
Seminary Review (Cincinnati, Ohio)
Seven: an Anglo-American Literary Review. VII.
Shane Quarterly
Simon Greenleaf Law Review
Social work and Christianity
SonLife (JUFL)
Southwestern Journal of Theology
Spiritual Sword
Stone-Campbell Journal (link to index)
Sword and Staff
Teach Kids!
Teaching Children Mathematics
Teaching Home, The
Teaching Music
Theology Today
TJ (Was Creation Ex Nihilo Technical Journal)
TNT Journal Ministries
Today's Christian Woman
Trinity Journal
Trinity Review
Trinity Seminary Review
Trinity World Forum (ceased)
Truth Magazine (was: Guardian of Truth)
TSF Bulletin (continues as Themelios)
Twentieth Century Christian
Twenty-First Century Christian
Tyndale Bulletin
U.S. News & World Report
Verdict (incl.: Verdict Report; Quest)
Vetus Testamentum
Visionary : Double Vision (Dayton, Ohio)
Vital Speeches
Voice in the Wilderness
Voice of Evangelism
Vox Evangelica
Weavings : a journal of the Christian spiritual life
We're History (DCHS)
Wesleyan Theological Journal
Westminster Theological Journal
Wineskins (became: Metamorphosis)
Wineskins (Nashville, Tenn.) (becameNew Wineskins)
Word and Work
Word and World
Word of Truth
World Christian
World Evangelization
World Press Review
World Vision
Worship Leader
Worship Today
YC Young Children
Young Musicians
Your Church


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