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Johnson University Florida is excited to announce the additions of a Bachelor’s degree in Pastoral Care & Counseling to the School of Congregational Ministry, as well as a concentration in Urban Studies to the School of Intercultural Studies. Johnson University’s mission of extending the kingdom of God among all nations continues as JU offers even more avenues of service and areas of study that will further this goal.  

Dr. Joe Harvey, Associate Professor of Congregational Ministry, and Dr. Kendi Howells Douglas, Professor of Intercultural Studies, share their thoughts on the addition of these areas of study and the opportunities they hope to provide to students.

Dr. Harvey on the Pastoral Care & Counseling degree:

Dr. Joe Harvey

Johnson University is passionate about the church and committed to helping train and support the next generation of church leaders. That commitment is deep within our DNA and central to the mission of the University’s School of Congregational Ministry.

And so, we are delighted to announce a new major on the Johnson University Florida campus: Pastoral Care and Counseling. Students earning a B.A. or B.S. with this major will be equipped to provide pastoral care, godly counsel, and effective leadership in ministry settings—utilizing knowledge and skills from the fields of psychology, biblical studies, theology and practical ministries. Students will also further their knowledge and experience in real-world settings through professional internships.

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Dr. Howells Douglas on the Urban Studies concentration:

Dr. Kendi Howells Douglas

It is well-known that as of 2008 our world became more urban than rural for the first time in history*. Consequently, we must think seriously about how we prepare people to minister in an urban world, and we must look at church planting efforts in light of this urban reality. At Johnson University we take this new urban context seriously and have recently added an Urban Studies Concentration to our already excellent program offerings through the School of Intercultural Studies. Not only is there a growing urban population but a growing slum population with predictions as high as 50 percent of the planet’s population will be living in slum conditions by 2030! This means that not only do we need to train people to minister in urban areas but the training needs to be holistic and excellent. 

The challenge is for the church to have an effective presence, because “...all across the world urbanization is proceeding apace, not waiting for us to decide whether the city is a legitimate place for mission. The Lord of history is calling us to be servants of his gospel in the cities of his world” (Conn and Ortiz 2001:14). Rather than being paralyzed by these statistics I encourage you to send the motivated youth you know to train here at Johnson with individuals who love to engage the city and are excited to enter into these urban areas fully prepared to be Christ-like servants in these exciting and challenging times.

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If you would like to learn more about these and other degree options at Johnson University Florida, please contact the Office of Admissions or refer to our website.

*2007 State of World Population (UNFPA) and World Population Prospects: the 2005 Revision.

Posted: 9/9/2015 8:13:40 AM


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