2017 January and February Faculty News

The faculty of Johnson University Florida participate in many activities beyond their normal teaching responsibilities, including writing, speaking, presenting at academic meetings, mission trips, and community involvement. The list below describes faculty activities in January and February 2017.

Wendy Guthrie (Assistant Dean of the Templar School of Education) attended the Formative Assessment National Conference in Orlando, Florida.

Mark Ziese (Professor of Old Testament) hiked solo across Galilee (Nazareth to Capernaum) as preparation for bringing clients. He also hiked the “Jesus Trail” across Galilee with eleven clients. Later in January, he led twelve clients as part of a “Pastor-Professor” study tour of Israel-Palestine. The group included representatives of several different church traditions and four different colleges and universities. From January 25 to 26, he presented two lectures at the Florida Bible Conference on the campus of First Church of Christ in Kissimmee, FL. The first lecture, “Two Tablet Cities,” focused on the excavation and interpretation of the cuneiform tablets recovered at the sites of Nuzi and Mari in Mesopotamia. The second lecture, "Akeht-aton: God, gods, and Tablets," gave attention to the Amarna experience in Egypt. 

Posted: 3/30/2017 10:48:48 AM


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