Role Models: Dr. and Mrs. Eubanks

Dr. David Eubanks and his wife, Margaret, are excellent examples to this student body of what it looks like to seek first the Kingdom of Heaven. Their lifestyles reflect both the humility of Christ and His commitment to pouring into individuals.

Dr. and Mrs. Eubanks have lifestyles that reflect the humility of Christ. They have invited a number of students over to their home for dinner throughout the last couple of years. My husband and I were fortunate enough to have been invited over to their house for dinner last year. Mrs. Margaret had cooked up quite a storm! She had a spread of salted pork, roasted potatoes, buttered bread, and a delicious fruit salad. She made sure our drinks were always refreshed, and that we all had eaten as much as we wanted. Last but not least, she brought out a mouthwatering Baked Alaska pie she had made for dessert. Needless to say, throughout the entire meal, Mrs. Margaret was a very gracious host.

This couple is also an example to students of what it means to have school spirit. They are known for their attendance at various soccer, volleyball, and basketball games, and for cheering the students on in all of their hard work. They are also known for their participation at school events, never too shy or busy to strike up a conversation with other students, asking them about how they are doing in school and in life. Dr. and Mrs. Eubanks are an example to students of what it looks like to stay active, to not be lazy, but to work heartily for the Lord. They take care of the bodies that God has given them. Mrs. Margaret is often seen walking around or gardening, while Dr. Eubanks, who also loves to walk, is often seen riding his bike.

Dr. Eubanks sets the bar high for the young men here on campus when it comes to being a gentleman. He is at all times taking care of Mrs. Margaret, always pulling out her chair for her, and jumping to his feet if she ever needs anything. Mrs. Margaret is an example to the young women on this campus of what it looks like to be joyful, even with the trials that life will sometimes bring. She is always smiling, laughing, hugging on and encouraging students; she knows who her God is and carries the joy of the Lord in her heart everywhere she goes.

Recently, Dr. Roger Chamber’s wife, Linda Chambers, found a letter that Dr. Eubanks had written to her father, Tibbs Maxey, which expressed the Eubanks’ deepest sympathies over the death of Tibbs’ wife, Norma Maxey. In this letter, Dr. Eubanks comforts his friend, and lets Tibbs know that he is being thought of and prayed for. Thanks to Dr. Eubanks and Mrs. Margaret, the college students at Johnson University Florida, who will enter into ministry vocations of their own someday, are witnessing the overall importance and the spiritual value of being genuinely personable in ministry. Jesus took on twelve disciples and poured into each of them; he was absolutely personable with others throughout his ministry. It is safe to say the Eubanks model their ministry after Christ’s – by being personable. For those of us privileged to know them, their role is to model Christ. That education is one that will follow us long after we graduate, and for that, we are truly grateful.

Hannah Holbrook ('15) is from New Brunswick, Canada. She in the Teacher Education program at Johnson University Florida. Hannah enjoys baking and actively participating in children's ministry. 

Posted: 3/24/2015 2:13:28 PM


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