If you are dialing from a campus phone, you can dial the extension direct. If you are dialing from an outside phone, please dial 407-569 and then the extension number.


Adams, Diane Associate Registrar 1341
Black, Marla Associate Librarian 1386
Brim, Cathy Dean of the School of Business & Public Leadership 1322
Brown, Nealy Associate Professor of Human Services 1327
Cameron, Glinda Advancement Services Coordinator 1314
Chambers, Mike Chancellor & Vice Provost of Academics 1305
Cottrell, Cathleen Assistant Director of Institutional Effectiveness 1337
Dusterhoft, Bruce Associate Director of Human Resources 1315
Erickson, Kevin External Relations & Event Coordinator 1377
Erickson, Lora Assistant Professor of Human Services 1324
Feaster, Douglas Director of Information Technology 1355
Ferris, Monti Library Support Services Assistant 1385
Foulke, Bryce Student Accounts Manager 1365
Gordon, Charis Admissions Administrative Asst. 1172
Gordon, Joe Assistant Professor of Theology 1333
Guthrie, Wendy Professor of Elementary Education 1332
Hardin, Kara Elementary Education Administrative Assistant 1307
Hardin, Les Professor of New Testament 1328
Harvey, Joe Professor of Ministry 1339
Howells Douglas, Kendi Professor of Intercultural Studies 1325
Johnson, Doug Director of Admission & Athletic Director 1346
McKinley, Amber Advancement/Chancellor Administrative Assistant 1390
Mehlenbacher, Bob Resident Director 1169
Miles, Kevin Audio/Video Specialist
Peppard, Paul Director of Plant Services 1366
Peppard, Sandi Associate Dean of Students 1331
Reyes, Ruth Professor of Music 1372
Rudolph, Whitney Student Community Director 1360
Scanlan, Debra Administrative Assistant School of Business & Public Leadership 1306
Sias, Twila Professor of Education 1323
Stark, Linda Technical Services Librarian 1318
Sydor, Susan Accounting Coordinator 1313
Talley, Jeryn Financial Aid Counselor 1368
Thompson, Garrett Director of Student Success 1340
Thompson, Norma Receptionist 1400
Tison, Alan Director of Advancement 1388
Wilsman, Craig Lecturer in Sports & Fitness Leadership 1346
Wood, Gayla Registrar's Administrative Assistant 1336


Gines, Andy Head Women's Soccer Coach 1347
Johnson, Doug Athletic Director 1346
O'Boyle, Bill Head Women's Volleyball Coach 1344
Wilsman, Craig Assistant Athletic Director/Head Men's Basketball Coach 1348


Academic Office   1337
Accounts Payable   1313
Admissions   1172
Advancement   1390
AED Emergency   1391
Athletic Office   1343
Campus/Receptionist   1400
Faculty Grading   1308
Fax Faculty   1304
Financial Aid office   1353
Information Technology   1355
Library- Catalog Office   1385
Library- Circulation   1381
Library- Services   1386
Library- Maintenance Request (1FX)   1349
Music- Faculty Worker   1376
Music Wing Studio   1371
Academic Support Center   1339
Registrar- Assistant   1336
Registrar- Records/Transcripts   1336
Resident Director   1169
Student Accounts   1353
Student Life Office   1163
Vehicle Emergency   1359
Volunteer Services   1314