Indianapolis locations map
Indianapolis locations map

Indianapolis offers affordable, localized ministry degree programs from an accredited institution with more than 120 years of experience in Christian education. Johnson University has partnered with six Indianapolis-area churches to provide small, faith-based programs providing meaningful learning opportunities.

student worship service RESIDENCY
These full-time programs integrate small classroom learning with hands-on experience and a mentorship at any of the six partner churches and ministries in the greater Indianapolis area: Greenwood Christian Church, Indian Creek Christian Church, Park Chapel Christian Church, Plainfield Christian ChurchWhite River Christian Church, and BLOC Ministries.

Current RESIDENCY degree options include a Bachelor’s in Strategic Ministry (for which students spend their senior year in Indianapolis) and a Master’s in Strategic Ministry (completed entirely in the Indianapolis area).

"The Strategic Ministry degree helped me think critically and live out leadership in a variety of contexts. Real-world application allows you to put into action what you're learning all in the same day. When it came time for me to launch into ministry, I felt fully prepared and equipped to do what God called me to do."
– Jacob Vangen, Strategic Ministry graduate