Knoxville Interdenominational Bible Institute (KIBI)


Knoxville Interdenominational Bible Institute (KIBI) is a degree-granting faith and leadership development program for adults. Starting from the belief that good education is a vital need in the church, KIBI offers full-time and part-time programs of study for ministers, lay leaders, and bi-professional leaders.

Pastor holding BibleBecause Christian leaders need training in the ministry, not merely for the ministry, KIBI’s programs are completed in the actual laboratory of the ministry sphere. KIBI builds its curricula combining the best of accepted learning theory including cognitive (intellectual), affective (theological) and conative (usable) learning activities.

KIBI founder Dr. Joe Maddox, DMin, says, “I started Knoxville Interdenominational Bible Institute because I wanted to equip leaders in the church – especially the African American church – with biblical knowledge and the skills to pastor others. This partnership with Johnson University builds on that purpose. The accreditation, reputation, and degree-granting ability of Johnson University will strengthen our program and reward participating faith leaders for the time they are investing in themselves and others.”

Biography of Dr. Joe Maddox, Founder of KIBI

Dr. Maddox earned a bachelor’s degree from Fort Valley State College, a master’s degree from Tuskegee Institute, and a doctorate degree from the North American School of Theology. He also has a Certificate of Christian Education from American Baptist College.

After working with environmental research roles with Tennessee Valley Authority (TVA) in Norris Tennessee from 1971-1979, Maddox began a 15-year stint with the U.S. Department of Interior. He was ordained to preach in 1984 and has served as the pastor of the New Hope Missionary Baptist Church in Knoxville since 1986. Maddox founded the Knoxville Interdenominational Bible Institute in 2001. He has also been involved in missional activities in seven of the Virgin Islands since 1989 and in Kenya and Uganda since 2007.